Since working with Nat, I feel like my eyes have been blown wide open. I am able to really see my progress, my journey and my potential in a way I just wasn’t quite connecting with before. Every day is filled with an opportunity to go deeper, play bigger, and learn more, not only with my business but with myself. Natalie is a very special person to work with; she completely understands the spiritual aspect of our being and is able to integrate this fully with running a successful and fulfilling life. To anyone considering working with her, she is compassionate, genuine, down to earth but also incredibly inspiring in her own personal power and courage.

Melanie Skinner

Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Coaching with Nat has been remarkable. She effortlessly creates a space for soulful inquiry and coaches with such an absence of judgement that I saw reflected back to me the ways I was judging myself. Her approach to healing, rooted in awareness, acceptance and self-love, shone a new and very bright light on challenges I’ve been working with for as long as I can remember. And since then I’ve been able to take simple, yet radical steps forward, and experienced a real sense of freedom.

Lizzy Nichol

Owner, How We Eat Now

Having Natalie as my coach was the most incredible and nourishing thing I’ve ever done for myself. The best thing about her coaching is her real knack at knowing when to dig that bit deeper to really help you get clarity on something. She opened my eyes to ‘resistance’ and gave meaning to a time in my life that otherwise would have been very painful, full of self-doubt and with no direction. I am now SO EXCITED for my future, there is colour and wonder, I am so much more peaceful within my mind and body, and I am much more confident to own me and to present the best me to the world each day.

Amy Szott


My time spent with Natalie as a coach has been invaluable. She has given me patient guidance fitting to my pace to find my own truth and to not be afraid of it. In this time I’ve moved forward hugely in my business as a Naturopath having got over numerous psychological humps. Her intuitiveness, understanding and support is second to none and I aim to call on her in the future to further my self development. Thank you Natalie!

Katie Fremantle

Naturopath & Business Owner

After just one coaching session with Natalie, she gave me the clear advice I needed to get started on my business switch from Norwegian to English. The next day I was crystal clear on my big goals in life and business and she helped me grow my self-confidence and expand my path to freedom. Thank you so much Natalie. You give hope for every woman out there that she too can create a life and business she loves.

Camilla Kristiansen

Entrepreneur & Stylist

I can’t recommend Natalie enough. Her approach was fantastic; so attentive to my needs and it was especially helpful that I was able to fit the sessions around my family life. I now trust my instincts and make huge decisions based on gut feeling – something that I would procrastinate for months over prior to working with Natalie. Right from the outset, she had a full understanding of my needs. Natalie has literally been my rock and I’m so grateful for everything that she helped me with.

Sarah Stubbs

Business Owner

Natalie is a true inspiration. After just one session with her I started to implement some important changes in my life.  I have a long way to go but I know in my heart that if I continue to work with, trust and learn from Natalie, great things could happen. I only wish I’d found her sooner.  Anyone lucky enough to be a friend of hers is truly blessed.


Writer & Entrepreneur

I’m still working on the exercises you suggested during our call. Wow. Just wow. I’m having big, light-bulb realisations, starting to see my patterns, and see where I’m really harsh, holding and inflexible; the belief behind them, and what they’re smokescreens for. This is huge. HUGE. Thank you Natalie.

Ottilie Standring


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