Natalie trained in Forrest Yoga and iRest meditation with world-renowned teachers Ana Forrest and James Reeves. With over 800 hours of training and teaching experience, her sessions are designed to gift her students with skills they can use to heal themselves both on and off the mat. Born with the spinal condition Scoliosis, she is an expert at working with and modifying sessions for injuries or pain.

Having learnt to open and strengthen her own body through yoga and stabilise her curvature, as well as increase her body-image confidence, she loves helping her students do the same and experience the magic and peace of mind that only yoga and meditation can bring to someone’s life.

Natalie is currently teaching privately. To inquire about a session with her, use the contact form below.


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Natalie chose to train with Ana Forrest, not because she wanted to become a teacher at the time, but because she wanted to get herself out of the stuck place she was in during her life at that point and heal her debilitating spinal pain from Scoliosis. Ana Forrest turned out to be the ass-kicking, bullshit-calling teacher to help her do just that!

Ana’s teachings can be summed-up in one word: FIERCE (see her awe-inspiring book Fierce Medicine). The rigorous yet healing practice not only gave Natalie physical tools to manage her chronic pain, but also the emotional mindset that she needed to be able to make the huge life changing decisions that have got her to where she is today.

Forrest Yoga helped Natalie retrace her lost voice, learn how to truth-speak to herself and to others, and gave her the space she needed to cultivate strength, discipline and confidence.

Natalie cites the practice as having ‘brought her back to life’. She ended up choosing to become a teacher despite going into the training without that intention, and cherishes every chance she has to share this life-changing yoga practice with her clients.


Natalie is also an iRest Yoga Nidra teacher. iRest stands for Integrative Restoration and Yoga Nidra means ‘Yoga Sleep’. The iRest practice is a deeply relaxing and transformative meditation that helps people through difficult times of their lives and is also fantastic for anyone who has trouble relaxing or dealing with stress. It has been used with amazing results to treat anyone suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Chronic pain or Chemical dependency.

Just a few short sessions of iRest teach clients how to release negative thought patterns and emotions, calm their nervous system, and help them develop a ‘tool box’ to be able to meet and deal with all the circumstances they may find themselves in during daily life.

Natalie works with private students and corporate groups providing mindfulness and meditation trainings and workshops. She has also worked with drug rehabilitation patients and recovering alcoholics, helping them reconnect to their bodies through Forrest Yoga.

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