What Does Empowerment Really Mean?

I've got a confession to make... Last year before I set off to live the elusive 'laptop lifestyle', I had very questionable ideas around what female empowerment, or empowerment of any kind really meant. I subconsciously held the belief that being truly empowered meant...

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The Wisdom of Boredom

I have never been a fan of boredom. When it has reared its head in my life, I have previously tried to create drama to suppress it. Boredom has always made me feel uncomfortable and I never understood why until I started investigating mindfulness practices and the...

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Call off the search, you’re already home

Almost 10 months ago today, I set off from the UK to Australia to take my coaching business on the road, travel, and write. To say I got stuck on the ‘travelling’ part is an understatement, as I actually remained mostly in one place, but the lessons I’ve learnt have...

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How To Make Sure 2017 DOESN’T Suck

If you've been feeling the pressure of the 'New Year New You' vibe and the million articles on how to 'goal-set' and make 2017 the BEST YEAR EVER, then this blog might make you smile (and maybe give you a little light relief). I personally don't resonate with the...

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The Beauty of Reflection

Ahead of tomorrow's powerful and significant new moon, I'm reflecting on the ups and downs of the week I had last week. The week where I met Cruella De Vil's LESS-nice Sister, worked some pretty insane hours, watched a friend be ridiculously strong through insane...

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Why We’re Afraid to be Vulnerable

The reality of being in a human form is that some days, sometimes MOST days, it can be a struggle. We’re taught to power through and not feel what we’re feeling, not stop, not slow down, to put other people first, and so it’s no wonder we encounter times where we feel...

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There are no mistakes, only lessons.

Since this week's controversial presidential election I've frequently heard the sentence "This is such a big mistake" in many conversations. Whilst Trump stepping into power in America may mean that many people's greatest fears have now been realised, and whilst it IS...

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Why Love Sometimes Equals Pain

"Whatever isn't healed within each of us will come rapidly to the surface when someone directs real love at us." These were the wise words of a good friend of mine recently, and similar words have been written again and again over time in countless books and articles...

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Why Creativity Can’t Be Forced

“But to yell at your creativity, saying, “You must earn money for me!” is sort of like yelling at a cat; it has no idea what you’re talking about, and all you’re doing is scaring it away, because you’re making really loud noises and your face looks weird when you do...

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Sit. Stay. Create.

So this is my unconscious pattern. I run. I bolt. I sometimes throw the towel in when things get tough. When something feels too intense I back off. When someone I really like gets too close to me I try to wriggle and run away. When someone I love opens their heart to...

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Keep Going No Matter What

It’s about holding your nerve, but it’s also about taking action. It’s about being willing to sit in the fire, but it’s also about having the courage to show up. It’s about being humble but it’s also about not being willing to settle for anything less in the long...

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Only You Know

Sometimes we’ve got to close the door on what’s no longer working in order to let the new come in. Sometimes we’ve got to be brave enough to say no. Sometimes we’ve got to respect ourselves enough to know when something simply isn’t good enough, not because we’re...

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