~ Danielle LaPorte

I’m on a mission to guide people back to their truth so they can create real and lasting change in their lives and relationships, drop the fear, and come back to what it feels like to live from love, joy and inspiration. heart

For more than 3 years, I’ve been reuniting men and women with their most powerful teacher; THEMSELVES.


I know what it’s like to feel disconnected, confused, and to have given my power away to others instead of trusting myself, and I’m passionate about guiding other people to stand in THEIR power in life so they don’t make the same painful mistakes that I did.

After years of wrestling with too much partying and trying to escape MYSELF via distractions like the wrong guys, drugs, alcohol, and very many wrong lifestyles including a corporate career as an Art Director in which I reached complete burn-out, I began my own business as an online coach. Because I still had a lot of healing to do, I repeated the same patterns I hadn’t shifted and yet again reached a stage where I realised I’d listened to how many a business coach or spiritual teacher had told me to build things instead of listening to myself.

Now, after more learning, and from an empowered place of authenticity and strength, and whether it’s via a yoga or coaching session, my most important work with my clients is guiding them to trust THEMSELVES, build strong internal foundations, make decisions from a place of peace instead of fear, and learn how to fall back in love with themselves¬†in a deeper way than they ever imagined possible. From this place is where the magic really happens and it’s been my privilege to watch my client’s journeys as they transition and transform their lives from ones of fear and scarcity to freedom, happiness and abundance.

I use my life experience and trainings to help empower the people I work with and show up as a source of strength and inspiration to others. My decade in the corporate world gratefully allowed me to become a powerful connector with a natural ability to build teams, nurture people’s strengths and spot talent and brilliance where individuals couldn’t always see it for themselves. I also trained extensively in Forrest Yoga, iRest Meditation, Reiki and Bodywork and am passionate about the wisdom our bodies hold and how we can use that wisdom as our GPS in life and in our work.

In 2016 I created an online summit featuring 24 of the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs that attracted over 1000 listeners based around empowerment and removing self-doubt. I also decided to leave my London life behind and begin travelling around the world and connecting with and helping more people. Travel continues to be an integral part of the freedom-based lifestyle I had always wanted to create for myself whilst wishing the hours away at my corporate desk, and I’m currently based in Australia.

Writing to inspire others has always been a huge passion of mine, and I regularly write for online platforms such as Elephant Journal and Tiny Buddha, and if we’re not already connected, you can find me doing regular videos and updates on Facebook.

I’m a natural creative with a flair and hunger for variety in the form of design, writing, dance, reading and learning, and music and I’m passionate about putting the people I come into contact with back in touch with their creativity too. Connecting to our inspiration and what makes us happy is where our child-like joy floods back in, and is where each and every one of us will come back to life.

If you’re interested in speaking to me to see if you and I could be the right fit for coaching or yoga sessions, use the contact form below to get in touch.


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