It's not about the money.

It's not about the title or status.

It's not about the guy (or the girl).

What's been missing is YOU.

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How to Know When a Relationship Has Come to an End

Making space doesn't always just need to happen with 'stuff', material things, and the demands that are made on our time with things like work hours and responsibilities. Sometimes it happens in our relationships too. Sometimes we outgrow the people in our lives. This...

Why Creativity Can’t Be Forced

“But to yell at your creativity, saying, “You must earn money for me!” is sort of like yelling at a cat; it has no idea what you’re talking about, and all you’re doing is scaring it away, because you’re making really loud noises and your face looks weird when you do...

Sit. Stay. Create.

So this is my unconscious pattern. I run. I bolt. I sometimes throw the towel in when things get tough. When something feels too intense I back off. When someone I really like gets too close to me I try to wriggle and run away. When someone I love opens their heart to...

Since working with Nat, I feel like my eyes have been blown wide open. I am able to really see my progress, my journey and my potential in a way I just wasn’t quite connecting with before. Every day is filled with an opportunity to go deeper, play bigger, and learn more, not only with my business but with myself. Natalie is a very special person to work with; she completely understands the spiritual aspect of our being and is able to integrate this fully with running a successful and fulfilling life. To anyone considering working with her, she is compassionate, genuine, down to earth but also incredibly inspiring in her own personal power and courage.

Melanie Skinner

Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Mel Skinner Yoga

“There are many things I admire about Natalie, but perhaps more than anything, I admire the selfless way in which she is constantly using her time and influence to lift others up. As a client, Natalie was a joy to work with, always willing to share herself in the most open and vulnerable way. This same willingness will be a true gift to all of her personal clients.” Leah Cox

Transformational Coach, Leah Marjorie Cox Coaching

“Having Natalie as my coach was the most incredible and nourishing thing I’ve ever done for myself. The best thing about her coaching is her real knack at knowing when to dig that bit deeper to really help you get clarity on something. She opened my eyes to ‘resistance’ and gave meaning to a time in my life that otherwise would have been very painful, full of self-doubt and with no direction. I am now SO EXCITED for my future, there is colour and wonder, I am so much more peaceful within my mind and body, and I am much more confident to own me and to present the best me to the world each day.” Amy Szott


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